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(10KVA~1000KVA) TFW2 Brushless Alternator
(10KVA~1000KVA) TFW2 Brushless Alternator

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TFW2 Brushless Alternator (10KVA~1000KVA)
1:Blushless, self-excited
2:Steel welding frame
3:Fine dynamic
4:Low pullution

TFW2 Brushless Alternator (10KVA~1000KVA)Product Description

TFW2 series three-phase brushless excitation synchronous generators by introducing and developing on foreign advanced technology of well-known generators, are our newly developed products, The generator set by coupling the generators with engine are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit in national defence, post and telecommunications, hospital, hotel, market and factory as electric appliances or standby power. The generators are made as per standard JB/T3320.2-2000 and in conformity to IEC34-1. Being tested by national authority department, the generator's performance achieves advanced international level.

The characteristic of generators see as the followings:
1. Blushless, self-excited, insulation class H with high temperature 180C, so can reliablly run in bad conditions.
2. Steel welding frame, casting end bracket, the generators have two constrution of two-bearing and single-bearing;
3. Stator winding's pitch is 2/3, the output voltage wave is excellent;
4. Fine dynamic characteristics when load or unload suddenly;
5. Generally the generators are two-bearing construction, also can produce for single-bearing construction;
6. TIF<50, THF<2%, the generators with high quality of AVR have excellent properties;
7.12 leads are suit for different connections, generally the output voltages have: 400V/200V---50Hz and 480V/240V---60Hz;
8. The units can run at 50Hz and 60Hz;
9. The units can run at single phase by changing the output connections, but the power at single phase only is about 60% of three-phase's power;
10. Standard drip-proof type is IP21, if our customer requires that IP22 or IP23 are also produced; But the power will be reduced for 5% at IP23;
YHG series brushless three phase synchronous generators are the newest products. YHG series generator's construction and shape are different from TFW2 series generaror, these are the most different between YHG and TFW2. YHG series generators are designed to meet market's requirement.

The requirements for environment:
1. Altitude: Not exceed 1000m.
2. Cooling air temperature: 258~313K(-15C~40C ).
3. Relative air humidity: Not exceed 90%.

ModelRated PowerRated Volt. (V )Rated Curr. (A)Rated P.F.Rated Speed (r/min)Steady Volt.(KW/KVA)(Cos Φ )Regulation ( %)TFW2-1010/12.540018.10.81500± 1TFW2-1212/1540021.60.81500± 1TFW2-1616/2040028.80.81500± 1TFW2-2020/2540036.10.81500± 1TFW2-2424/3040043.20.81500± 1TFW2-3030/37.540054.10.81500± 1TFW2-4040/5040072.20.81500± 1TFW2-5050/62.540090.20.81500± 1TFW2-6464/80400115.60.81500± 1TFW2-7575/93.75400135.50.81500± 1TFW2-9090/112.5400162.60.81500± 1TFW2-100100/125400180.40.81500± 1TFW2-120120/150400216.80.81500± 1TFW2-150150/187.54002710.81500± 1TFW2-160160/200400288.60.81500± 1TFW2-180180/225400324.70.81500± 1TFW2-200200/250400360.80.81500± 1TFW2-220220/275400396.80.81500± 1TFW2-250250/312.54004510.81500± 1TFW2-280280/3504005050.81500± 1TFW2-300300/3754005410.81500± 1TFW2-320320/4004005770.81500± 1TFW2-350350/437.5400631.50.81500± 1TFW2-400400/500400721.70.81500± 1TFW2-450450/562.54008130.81500± 1TFW2-500500/6254009020.81500± 1TFW2-600600/75040010840.81500± 1TFW2-720720/80040013000.81500± 1TFW2-800800/100040014450.81500± 1

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