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Auto CIP cleaning system for beverage machine
Auto CIP cleaning system for beverage machine

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Auto CIP cleaning system
1) automatic or semi-auto
2) 3 tanks or 4 tanks
3) SUS304
4) cleaning itself

Auto CIP cleaning system:

   using centrifugal pump piping and equipment in the material within the container forced circulation, to cleanse the equipment without the need for the dissolution of the pipeline, improve equipment utilization, reduce labor intensity


1.     Operation Procedure and Requirements of Cleaning

1)     Operetors are allowed to operate the system only after been trained, which means that operators should be wholly familiar with the structure and performance of CIP equipments.

2)     CIP cleaning procedure: water -- HNO3 detergent -- NAOH detergent – water: wash for 3 minutes with normal atmospheric temperature water or hot water above 60°C , wash for 10 minutes with density between 1%~2% HNO3 detergent at a temperature between 60°C~80°C -- wash for 10 minutes with density between 1%~2% NAOH detergent at a temperature 60°C~80°C, if necessary, 20-50PPM Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant should be added properly – wash for 7 minutes with 85°C water in order to sterilizing.

3)     Prepare HNO3,NAOH liquid in storage tank according to density requirement out of cleaning processing requirements, and pour 80% of slot capacity of water into the slot.

4)     Before operation, operators should carefully check and adjust all the meters on the machines to make sure of stability, accuracy and reliability.

5)     According to cleaning processing requirements, operators should accurately set total cleaning time and separate cleaning time of each equipment or pipe, and the temperature controlling range of HNO3,NAOH liquid.

6)     Operators should make sure that the detergent inlet and the outlet swinging pipe on the equipment to be washed are correctly connected on detergent outlet pipe layout, and then start the centrifugal pump to start cleaning.

7)     NAOH liquid can not be used for over 3 times, it should be updated timely according to dilution and pollution condition.

2.     Standards for CIP Cleaning Effect

1)     Sense

Smell: fresh and without any strange smell, but some slight smell is acceptable under some special processing procedure or period only if it won’t affect the safety and quality of final products.Visual: the cleaned surface is bright, no water, membrane and other dirt.

2)     Sanitary index and microorganism index should meet sanitary requirements for food contact surface, and can not cause increasing of other sanitary indexes.

3.     Monitoring Frequency and Correct Measures

1) Workshop director or group leader check the cleaning and sterilizing effect with bare eyes before work, if any dirt or detergent remains is found, re-cleaning should be arranged before work.

2) Quality inspector should inspect the density of detergent at least once everyday, and it should be adjusted if it is unqualified.

3) Laboratory of quality control department should carry out inspection about microorganism index on food contact surface everyweek, and if any of it is found unqualified, the workshop should be informed to process thorough cleaning and sterilization till it is qualified.

4. Operation Record

 Pre-work Sanitary Inspection Record

 Tanks Workshop Sanitary Inspection Record

 Processing Sanitary Inspection Record

 Use and Preparation of Detergent and Disinfectant Record


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