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paper taping, WLZB-3/12 X Paper wraping machine, paper covering, paper wrapping machine
paper taping, WLZB-3/12 X Paper wraping machine, paper covering, paper wrapping machine

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WLZB -3/12 X Paper Wrapping Machine
Horizontal Crawling Traction Paper Wrapping Machine

Notes to model code


WLZB -3/12 X  Paper Wrapping Machine

WLZB------- Horizontal Crawling Traction Paper Wrapping Machine

3/12------------Two heads, with one head for wrapping three layers of paper, two fore total layers wrapped are 3×4=12.

X--------------Number of paper layers


Component List in detail

a、  pay off     1 sets 

a.1、  Bobbin shall follow the drawing provided by the buyer

a.2、  Type -   passive

a.3、  Installing bobbin  -  pay off with shaft

a.4、  Clamping bobbin-Manual

a.5、  Tension adjust-aerodynamic damping

a.6、  Ilting and lowering bobbin-Electric lift

a.7、  Lift motor-0.55KW-4P



b、  Straightening device    1 sets

b.1、   Straightening units-5 pcs horizontal, 5 pcs vertical

b.2、   Diameter of straightening units-Φ47mm

b.3、   Distance between center-70mm


c、  Tapping head   2 sets

d.1、 Diameter of paper plate-External diameter at 330mm, internal diameter at 75mm

d.2、 Quantity of paper plate on each tapping head-3 pcs

d.3、 Locking mode of paper plate-Locknut

d.4、 Position of paper plate-3 pcs on one plane

d.5、 Adjusting looseness of paper wrapping-Adjustable spring, the sliding part shall be polished slickly

d.6、 Adjusting angle of paper wrapping  -   Guiding roller

d.7、 Range of paper wrapping distance -  8~32mm,taping pitch excursion±0.2mm

d.8、 Adjusting angle of paper wrapping -   Rotating roller

d.9、 Breaking detector theory-Automatic stop with optic electric inductive

d.10、  Position of mechanical breaking detector-Behind the paper breaking stopping guidance roller

d.11、  Quantity of mechanical breaking detector of each tapping lead-Each paper roll has one breaking detector, the breaking detector can play same role of paper finishing detector, sach tapping head has three breaking detectors

d.12、  Materials of rollers in contact with wrapping paper-C45 steel or stainless steel or plastic, every rollers are polished slick without any coarse, burr or hollow defects.

d.13、  Linkage pole-With ball bearing for movement

d.14、  Steel part-With antisepsis treat

d.15、  Power transmission-By step less transmission, gear box and long axis

d.16、  Control of rotating direction-By gearbox and magnetic clutch. Each wrapping head could de positive and reverse turning and stop by gear box

d.17、  Max rotating speed-800RPM

d.18、  Actual max working speed-600RPM

d.19、  Inner diameter of main axis of wrapping head-Φ35mm

d.20、  All aluminum component locking structure embed iron core to help prevent screw slippage and it can replace easily.


d、  Pulling caterpillar   1set

e.1、  Width of belt-40mm

e.2、  Length of caterpillar-1120mm

e.3、  Belt material-Rubber

e.4、  Hardness of belt- ~85 degree hardness

e.5、  Shape of belt-Dent form

e.6、  Max pulling force-500kgf

e.7、  Max opening distance between belts-40mm

e.8、  Power of caterpillar-Provided by main engineer

e.9、  Synchronization-Mechanically connected

e.10、   Adjusting method-Mechanic screw


e、  Meter measuring device     1set

f.1、 Type -  Electrical

f.2、 Length measuring  -  By the wheel that directly contacts wire

f.3、 Length measuring  -   Stopping the machine at setting length




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