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Zinc Oxide sulfur absorber catalyst
Zinc Oxide sulfur absorber catalyst

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Zinc Oxide sulfur absorber catalyst is applicable to desulfurization of residue cracking gases or syngas.

1.Features and Scope of Application
T306 Zinc Oxide Desulfurization Adsorbent, developed by the Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry, is applicable to desulfurization of residue cracking gases or syngas and purification of feed gases for organic synthesis processes. It is suitable for both higher (350--408°C) and lower(150--210°C) temperature use. It can convert some simpler organic sulfur while absorbing inorganic sulfur in gas stream.
Main reaction of the desulfurization process is as follows:
(1) Reaction of zinc oxide with hydrogen sulfide
(2) Reaction of zinc oxide with some simpler sulfur compounds in two possible ways:
a. Organic sulfur compounds, catalyzed by zinc oxide, react with hydrogen to form hydrogen sulfide:
CS2 + 4H2 = CH4 + 2H2S
C2H5SH + H2 = C2H6 + H2S
Then hydrogen sulfide is absorbed by zinc oxide
b. Zinc oxide reacts directly with organic sulfur compounds
COS + ZnO = ZnS + CO2
T306 is an ideal desulfurization adsorbent for deep purification cases, especially those at higher temperature (350--400°C).
2.Physical Properties


white or light-yellow extrudates

Particle size , mm


Bulk density, kg/L


3.Quality Standard

 crushing strength, N/cm


loss on attrition, %


Breakthrough sulfur capacity, wt%


4.Normal Operation Condition
Feedstock : synthesis gas , oil field gas, natural gas, coal gas. It can treat gas stream with inorganic sulfur as high as 2-3g/m3 with satisfactory purification degree. It can also purify gas stream with up to 20mg/m3 of such simpler organic sulfur as COS to less than 0.1ppm.
Normal operation condition is as follows:

Pressure, MPa

ambient to 4.0

Temperature, °C


Space velocity, h-1


Sulfur in feed gas, mg/m3

1-20 (≤200°C)
20-100 (≤250°C)

Sulfur in treated stream, ppm


Saturation sulfur capacity, wt%


5.Transportation and storage
(1)The adsorbent product is packed in plastic or iron barrels with plastic lining to prevent moisture and chemical contamination.
(2)Tumbling, collision and violent vibration should be avoided during transportation to prevent pulverization of the adsorbent.
(3)The adsorbent product should be prevented from contact with chemicals during transportation and storage.
(4)The product can be stored for 3-5 years without deterioration of its properties if appropriately sealed.5


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