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Stationary automatic start diesel DC genenerator with DC output 6KW
Stationary automatic start diesel DC genenerator with DC output 6KW

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1.Higher efficiency and more cost effective
2.High quality telecom-grade DC output
3.Lightweight and compact

Key advantages:

 Higher efficiency and more cost effective: The YILONG GS series DC generators for telecom are specially designed to reduce the operators’ both CAPEX (capital expenses) and OPEX (operation expenses). The rectifier or UPS’s input harmonics reduces the load capacity of the AC generator, therefore a larger power AC generator set is required in the traditional work mode, and the operating costs is also high. For the same DC output power, the DC generator’s efficiency is improved by 25% compared with that of the traditional AC generator connecting the existing rectifier,therefore it offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional large battery reserve system and  AC generator. And for the same DC output power, DC generator’s oil consumption is saved by about 30% compared with that of the AC generator.

High quality telecom-grade DC output: The DC output current fully meet the requirement of the “YD/T 731-2008 the high frequency rectifiers for telecom use” standard,  directly supply high quality DC power for telecom equipments and the other electronic equipments.

Lightweight, compact and portable:

The weight is only 1/2—1/3 compared with the traditional AC power generator with the same DC output power; therefore our portable type is flexible and easy to be carried by one or two persons. It is an ideal emergency power supply for extreme conditions such as natural disaster and accidents. Even our stationary type DC generator is much compacter comparably.

 Easy parallel connection:

 The rectifier and the controller are of modular design. Therefore the DC generators can be connected in parallel for multi-level redundancy (N+M), efficaciously improve the system output capacity, ensure the safety.

 Safe and reliable: Even in case the controller fails to work, the rectifier module can operate by itself following the preset parameters.

The system has the functions such as “auto shutdown when the mains return” and “reverse connection alarm”, ensure the stable and reliable operation of itself and the telecom loads. The output voltage’s soft-start function can reduce the impact of the instantaneous large current on telecom loads or batteries therefore warrant the safety of the human and the equipments.

 Intelligent management and easy operation:

l         The system can charge the batteries as per the scientific method. It optimizes the multi-stage charge management to prolong the battery life, can fulfill the conversion of float charge and equalizing charge manually or automatically.

l         The controller supply real-time online monitoring on operation status such as system voltage, current, temperature, power generation duration and generated power quantity, 

l         It can automatically stop working when the mains (grid) power return available, or automatically stop working according to the preset operation duration.

l         RS232/RS485 interface supplies an open communication protocol, easy for the local or remote monitor, maintenance and management.

l         Dysfunction-alarm display facilitate the quick diagnose and faults removal. .

l         The power generation duration statistics can remind the maintenance personnel to maintain the engine in time.

l         The generated power quantity statistics supply accurate support for maintenance management. 

l         DC output fast connection device is provided; make it easy to connect to telecom equipment.

l         Parallel connection device is provided; make it easy for fast parallel connection of DC generators for expansion or redundancy.

l         DC emergency lighting terminal, generator back-bearing device, and standby portable fuel box are optional available upon request.

 Best material and scientific design create its environment durability and long service life

. Best components and materials are adopted to ensure the environmental durability and long life. The top motor brands such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Briggs & Stratton, Perkins  and Kholer are used as the motive power; all wires inside the system are of  high temperature resistant and  flame retardant; all power electronic components are imported from internationally renowned suppliers, with high reliability, high efficiency and lower power consumption; all control chips are of industrial grade which can endure  -35 ~ +85 centigrade; the stainless steel is used in the rack for portable type, make it can be used in low or high temperature area, high humility area or high altitude area.



Auto Start System

The conditions for auto start:

Once the duration of the utility grid outage is longer than a preset value, or once the voltage of the DC power system is lower than a preset value.

The conditions for auto shutdown:

Once the duration of the utility grid restoration is longer than a present value, or once the normal operation duration of the generator is more than a preset value


As the backup power, fully realize the quality and functions of SMPS (switch mode power supply)

 The control device dedicated for redundancy parallel of the generator’s starting battery, can connect 2 strings of starting battery and conduct float charge / equalizing charge management


 Periodic timing start of the generator can be set, to conduct the polling of the system’s functions and the discharge of the starting batteries.


Fuel level automatic detect is available and to realize the automatic refueling.

In extremely low temperature, auto start can be set after the automatic heat-up of the power cabinet and the engine

Environment temperature and engine temperature display

Lubricant level detect, alarm and protection

Urgent shutdown button is available for stopping by hand in urgent situations

The system can be brought into the centralized surveillance network for the power and environment of the stations.


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