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Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC)
Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC)

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(1) Number of conductors 5-31(odd number)
(2) Conductor thickness a 0.95mm-3.15mm
Conductor width b 3.00mm-12.50mm

Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC)

CTC of Class-120 polyvinylacetal enamelled wire wrapped with high density paper, CTC of 180-class Polyesterimide enameled wire wrapped with Nomex paper, CTC of Net coat.

Product Introduction: Continuously Transposed Cable (CTC) is a special Composite Enameled Wire with odd-numbered rectangular wires arranged side by side (B-face to B-face) in two stacks. Every wire of the CTC continuously transposes to take other wire’s position, and it is wrapped with electric insulating material..

Application: Mainly be used in manufacturing windings of transformers and reactors. The conductor material can be copper or aluminum.

Manufacturing Scope

Number of conductors 5-31(odd number)

Conductor dimension

Conductor thickness a 0.95mm—3.15mm

Conductor width b 3.00mm—12.50mm

Suggested width/thickness of single conductor  2-8

Max wrapping layers once- 24 layers

The minimum pitch: 7b and >45mm

Max. Height of CTC bundle 55mm

Max. width of CTC bundle 26mm


1. Conductor Resistivity

Soft copper          Not more than 0.017241Ω·mm2/m

Soft aluminum    Not more than 0.028000Ω·mm2/m

As to different material state, proof stress Rp0.2 of copper wire is as below

Soft <=100 N/ mm2

Semi-hard  100-300 N/ mm2

Tolerance of proof stress Rp0.2 for semi-hard copper   +0-20 N/ mm2

2. Wire Classification

Class 120,155 polyvinyl acetal enameled rectangular conductors(semi-hard, self- bonding);

Class 180 polyesterimide enameled rectangular conductor (semi-hard, self- bonding);

Class 200 polyester-imide over-coated with polyamide-imide enameled rectangular conductor (semi-hard, self- bonding);

Class 220 polyamideimide enameled rectangular conductor (semi-hard, self- bonding)

Film sintering rectangular conductor;

Enameled and fiber-glass rectangular conductor;

Aluminum conductor.

Film thickness

Polyvinyl acetal (polyesterimide, polyamideimide) 0.08mm--0.11mm or 0.12—0.16mm,

generally 0.09~0.13 mm;

Self-bonding film thickness  0.03-0.05mm

According to using condition, different self-bonding coats of corresponding thermal-level could be optioned, Self-adhesive coats of two B-Surface is also available.

The coating thickness of film-sintering rectangular conductor or fiber-glass enameled rectangular conductor should be determined by the customer demand.

3. Wrapping Insulation Materials

Kraft paper, High density insulating paper , High extensible fiber paper, heat-resistant insulating paper, clupak paper, Nomex-410, and all kinds of self-adhesive paper, Non-woven polyester cloth, polyester fiber mesh belt or binding strand, and polyester film.

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