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Mao Fengcha Mount Huangshan
Mao Fengcha Mount Huangshan

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1) Origination: Anhui, China
2) Organic tea
3) Packing: Box / Tin
4) Help with customized blended green teas

Chinese history one of the famous tea tea, emblem, belong to green tea. Production in Anhui province Mount Huangshan. By the Qing Dynasty Guangxu years Xie Tai tea created. Every Qingming rain, from early show fat buds, manual frying, the tea leaves are small volume, shape is like sparrow tongue, green yellow hair, exposure, and a golden fish leaves (commonly known as the gold piece ). Mist the leaves into the cup top knot, soup color is clear, yellowish, Securinega green vigor, Gan alcohol taste, aroma such as orchid, the flavor of the profound. Due to the new system of tea pekoe covered, bud peak mountain, and little Ye Cai from the Mount Huangshan peak, then the tea named Mao Mount Huangshan peak.


Special effect

The 1 exciting role: tea caffeine can excite the central nervous system, help people cheer up, enhance thinking, eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency. 2: the diuretic effect of caffeine in tea and theophylline has a diuretic effect, used in the treatment of edema, water retention of. Use of black tea syrup detoxification diuretic effect, can treat acute icteric hepatitis. 3 strong heart spasmolytic effects: caffeine has a strong heart, muscle, smooth muscle relaxation effect, can remove bronchial spasm, promote blood circulation, is the treatment of bronchial asthma, cough phlegm, myocardial infarction, good adjuvant drugs. 4 inhibit atherosclerosis : role of tea polyphenols and vitamin C are promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis to prevent arteriosclerosis role. So the people often drinking, hypertension and coronary heart disease incidence is low. 5 antibacterial, antimicrobial effect: tea in the tea polyphenols and tannins in bacteria, can be solidified bacterial proteins, kill the bacterium. Can be used in the treatment of intestinal diseases, such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, enteritis. Skin sores, ulcers pus, trauma, broken skin, tea and wash the affected area, antiseptic effect. The oral cavity inflammation, ulceration, swelling of throat, with tea to treat, and it has also certain curative effect. 6 weight loss: the caffeine in tea, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid and aromatic substances and other compounds, can regulate lipid metabolism, especially oolong tea on protein and fat has a very good decomposition effect. Tea polyphenols and vitamin C can reduce cholesterol and lipids, so tea being able to reduce weight. 7 anti-dental caries function: tea contains fluoride, fluoride and dental calcium has a great affinity, can become a relatively insoluble in acids" fluorapatite", as to the teeth with a protective layer, improve the ability of anti caries teeth acid. 8 the inhibition of cancer cell function: according to the report, the tea flavonoids have different degree of in vitro anticancer effect, strong interaction with castine, Morin and catechin




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