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pilate mat/fitness equipment
pilate mat/fitness equipment

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pilate mat/fitness equipment

Good Yoga mats will give you stability and traction.


Our Yoga mats, designed for and experts alike, offer cushioning that is dense yet light-weight. The "sticky" texture does a fantastic job of keeping hands and feet firmly in position. 

Yoga mats also provide ideal support and cushioning between you and that cold hard floor. Support is provided for contact points like knees, elbows and hips, any place where you do not have padding.


The traditional Yoga sticky mat


The traditional sticky mat does not offer much padding, but newer,are now being produced. Some prefer to use a softer, padded mat in combination with a sticky mat or a cotton practice rug (which absorbs moisture and perspiration and provides traction and stability).

Yoga Mats Prevent Injuries

Yoga mats decrease injuries caused by slippery surfaces. Even a carpet can potentially become slippery and cause an injury, especially in a more complicated pose.

How do you get the most out of your practice?

Why does a good Yoga mat dramatically boost your practice? What is the best time to practice and for how long? Can I learn from a book or a video? These questions and more are answered in

 The best way to approach the practice is to sit quietly for a few moments and then begin the series, slowly with control and grace. Do not overdo it, and remember, there is no competition. Enjoy!





Some of the mats we carry We carry the largest selection of yoga mats online. True Blue mats, Sticky mats,  Exercise mats, NBR mat. TPE mats as well as free information on yoga.

Inactivity is public enemy number one when it comes to health. Inactivity can cause stiffness, mental fog, cramps, lack of muscle tone and headaches to name but a few problems. But you can become fit even if you are bound to a chair for hours.

Often we do not have time in our busy schedule or yoga or excercise or even a walk to collect the mail. Yoga can be adapted to a Stretching, toning and breathing will increase flexibility and strength and produce more life force as well as improve relaxation.

Although there is no substitute for a consistent yoga practice which will include inverted poses. An enormous amount can be done. The result will be increased clarity of mind, better circulation and respiration. The intensity will be less than a formal yoga practice but the benefits will soon become apparent. Below are some simple poses and exercises that do not require a yoga mat. Invite the boss over and try these out.


Sit up straight on the edge of your chair.feet flat on the floor directly below your knees. Let your hands rest on your thighs. Take a long, deep breath, and exhale completely. Inhale deeply again, reaching for the ceiling with the crown of your head, lengthening your spine. Continue breathing with full deep inhalations and complete exhalations for 10 to 20 breaths.

As you exhale, slide your shoulder blades down your back, dropping your shoulders away from your ears as you reach through your finger tips. Keep breathing deeply for 3 to 5 breaths. Exhale as you lower your arms.

Shoulder shrugs

Inhaling, bring your shoulders up tightly toward your ears. Roll your shoulders back, pressing your shoulder blades tightly together. Exhale as you press your shoulders down toward the floor. Inhaling again, bring your shoulders up again, roll them back and press your shoulder blades together, and release down. Repeat several times and don't forget to breathe!

Forward Fold

Still sitting on the edge of your chair with your feet hip width apart, inhale as you bring your arms out to your sides. Reach forward with your chin as you rotate from your hips, exhaling as you bring your chest toward your thighs. Keep your back flat. With your next exhalation, allow your self to relax, chest on your thighs, arms and head dangling, relaxed. Take 3 to 5 deep, full, relaxing breaths. Inhale as you sit up slowly with a flat back.

Knee Raises
Sitting up straight, inhaling as you raise your right knee up in front of you. Grasp your leg in front of your knee with both hands. Keep your back flat as you exhale and draw your knee in toward your chest. Hold it there for 3 to 5 breaths. Release as you exhale. Repeat with your left leg. No need to use a yoga mat.

Pls feel free to contact with me if there is any questions. 

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