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High Precision Gyroscope Inclinometer
High Precision Gyroscope Inclinometer

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The instrument is an inclination measurement instrument of new type, which adopts high precision fiber optic gyroscope.

I. Summary

  The instrument is an inclination measurement instrument of new type, which adopts high precision fiber optic gyroscope. It is a precise, digital borehole inclinometer of new type, which is specially designed to determine slope and direction of borehole in magnetic area or borehole with iron casing tube. It can determine the dip angle and azimuth angle in magnetic area, directional borehole with iron casing tube precisely, and it can also accurately determine the depth of borehole at the same time. It can be widely used for borehole measurement in metallurgy, engineering, oil field, coal field, and geology, etc.

The instrument integrates sensor, power supply, and data processing system together, and it can complete dip angle and azimuth angle determination in single/multi-points mode independently without the help of cable. It solves the problem to transport heavy winch and cable during determination, so it is convenient to be operated. The instrument is composed of down-hole measurement probe, laptop, and electricity charger, so it is portable. If equipped with specially designed software, it can show inclination datasheet of borehole, and it can plot plane diagram, sectional diagram, projection diagram, and space track diagram of borehole. If connect it to a printer, it can print out test data.


II. Main technical characteristics

1. It discards the traditional measurement mode using long cable to connect the controlling unit over-ground, but adopts the mode presetting measurement parameters when the probe is at over-ground, reading out measurement data through a computer when the probe is pulled out of borehole, and processing measurement data and plotting diagram. There is no cable needed during measurement and the test data are stored in the measurement probe during measurement. This solves the problem to transport cable and winch.

2. It adopts precise fiber optic gyroscope as the azimuth angle measurement component, so it has characteristics of small volume, long useful life, impact and shake resistance, tiny zero point drift. It is the perfect directional sensor for azimuth angle measurement in magnetic area and in borehole with iron casing tube. It does not have the disadvantage of dynamic tuning gyroscope (bad impact resistance, large zero point drift, short useful life, complex structure, and high price), but perfects the advantage of dynamic tuning gyroscope.

3. It uses a special import accelerator as the angle measurement sensor, so it has characteristics of high precision, great stability, and strong resistance to impact and shake.

4. It applies optimum digital signal processing techniques for measurement system optimization, so it can measure dip angle and azimuth angle accurately. The measurement data can meet the requirements on precision. It applies dynamic compensation techniques to eliminate zero point drift of gyroscope, so it can measure zero point drift precisely.

5. It can determine the north azimuth angle of borehole at any time without surface orientation, so it is time and labor saving. It can meet the requirements on measurement accuracy.

6. It adopts a high speed and high precision A/D converter of new type as the data collecting system of measurement probe, so it can collect data precisely.


III. Main technical specification and parameters

1. Parameter measurement range and error:

(1) Dip angle measurement range: 0~50°;

(2) Dip angle measurement error: ±0.2°;

(3) Azimuth angle measurement range: 0~360°;

(4) Azimuth angle measurement error: <±3.0°;

2. Measurement mode: at fixed points;

3. Data storage: 1000 groups;

4. Electricity: It can measure data of 80 points when it is charged;

5. Measurement probe: Φ40×1500 (mm);

6. Borehole range: borehole diameter ≥Φ45 (mm); Depth ≤1500 m;

7. Working environment:

(1) Temperature: -10°C~50°C;

(2) Relative humidity: ≤ 85%;



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