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sauna generator
sauna generator

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sauna generator
1.CE, FCC, ISO Certificates
2. High safety
3. Easily operate
4.Long useful life

sauna generator


TC130-4KW4KW/220V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-5KW5KW/220V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-6KW6KW/220V 50HZ TC130 controller
6KW/380V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-7KW7KW/220V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-8KW8KW/220V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-9KW9KW/220V 50HZ TC130 controller
9KW/380V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-10.5KW10.5KW/380V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-12KW12KW/380V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC130-13KW13KW/380V 50HZ TC130 controller
TC135-4KW4KW/220V 50HZ TC135 controller
TC135-5KW5KW/220V 50HZ TC135 controller
TC135-6KW6KW/220V 50HZ TC135 controller
6KW/380V 50HZ TC135 controller
TC135-7KW7KW/220V 50HZ TC135 controller
TC135-8KW8KW/220V 50HZ TC135 controller
TC135-9KW9KW/220V 50HZ TC135 controller
9KW/380V 50HZ TC135 controller
TC135-10.5KW10.5KW/380V 50HZ TC135 controller
TC135-12KW12KW/380V 50HZ   TC135 controller
TC135-13KW13KW/380V 50HZ   TC135 controller

TC135A-4KW4KW/220V 50HZ  TC135A controller
TC135A-5KW5KW/220V 50HZ  TC135A controller
TC135A-6KW6KW/220V 50HZ  TC135A controller
6KW/380V 50HZ  TC135A controller
TC135A-7KW7KW/220V 50HZ  TC135A controller
TC135A-8KW8KW/220V 50HZ  TC135A controller
TC135A-9KW9KW/220V 50HZ  TC135A controller
9KW/380V 50HZ  TC135A controller
TC135A-10.5KW10.5KW/380V 50HZ  TC135A controller
TC135A-12KW12KW/380V 50HZ  TC135A controller

KS100-4KW4KW/220V 50HZ  KS100 controller
KS100-5KW5KW/220V 50HZ  KS100 controller
KS100-6KW6KW/220V 50HZ  KS100 controller
6KW/380V 50HZ  KS100 controller
KS100-7KW7KW/220V 50HZ  KS100 controller
KS100-8KW8KW/220V 50HZ  KS100 controller
KS100-9KW9KW/220V 50HZ  KS100 controller
9KW/380V 50HZ  KS100 controller
KS100-10.5KW10.5KW/380V 50HZ  KS100 controller

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