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Biodegradable Resin
Biodegradable Resin

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Biodegradable Resin
Injection Grade, BOR-Z-703J, can be decomposed within 1.5 years, friendly to the environment, no toxic.

Biodegradable Resin


Model No.: BOR-Z-703J


Product Type: Injection Grade Biodegradable Starch Resin


Product Features:

Granules are in light yellow and come in cylinder and round shape, with slight fragrance. They absorb moisture easily and are easily decomposed by microbes. They are anti-static. The processing temperature of them is lower than that of conventional plastic. They are easily colored. Such resin can be processed into finish products alone without adding any other polyolefin materials like PE, PP, PVA, EVA, etc.


Product Testing:

1) Compliance with ISO14855:1999.

2)The degradation rate in 100 days is more than 46%.


Property Data:


Testing Item





Q/320113SSD001 - 2002


Light yellow


GB 1033

g/ cm3

0.98 – 1.10

Moisture content

Q/320113SSD001 - 2002


0.3 – 1.2

Melt Flow Rate


g/10 min

2 - 5

Tensile Strength

GB 1040



Breaking Elongation

GB 1040



Bio Substances Content

Q/320113SSSD001 - 2002



n-hexane Extracts




Rockwell Hardness


R Standard


Impact strength




Thermal Shrinkage




Softening Point




Degradation rate in100days



> 46

The data for elongation and tensile strength refer to that of finished products.


Recommended Applications

This resin can be directly molded into finish products. Its melt flow rate is high. So it is suitable to make all kinds of containers, like plant nursery pots and bowls, soya bean curd trays, agricultural pesticide bottles, shampoo and shower gel bottles, straws, toys, packaging boxes and all sorts of disposable containers.


Processing Equipment

Common injection molding, vacuum thermoforming machines and sheet extruders are all can be used.


Processing Technology

1)Newly molded products feel crispy and fragile due to severe dehydration during production. After 24 hours of curing time, molded properties and hardness will increase noticeably.

2)It also can be mixed with PP, including T30S, F401, J340, B240, K8303, X30S, etc.



1)Due to the high starch content, the resin easily absorbs moisture. So it needs to be stored in a dry environment. The package should also be sealed properly to prevent the ingress of moisture.

2)In case the resin is damp, it should be dried for 2 hours at 80ºC.

3)Its processing temperature is 5ºC to 10ºC lower than that of PP. During processing, the temperature is correct when corn starch fragrance can be smelled at the hopper.

4)It can be easily decomposed into soil friendly substances in microbial environment

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