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1kg Silk Peptide, Silk Peptide Powder, Hydrolyzed silk (CAS 73049-73-7)
1kg Silk Peptide, Silk Peptide Powder, Hydrolyzed silk (CAS 73049-73-7)

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Silk Peptide, Powder
Good Moisturizer
Promotes skin cell regeneration
Easily bind with hair surface
Good softness to hair

Silk Peptide Powder

Technical Data Sheet


Common name:  Silk peptide powder 

INCI name :       Hydrolyzed silk (CAS NO. 73049-73-7) 

Solubility :         Soluble in water

The product is water soluble polypeptide formed by degradation of silk protein (fibroin).

Average molecular weight between 500-2000.

White powder and good water solubility.

pH value between 4.5 to 6.5 and positive ninhydrin reaction.




Requirement (Food Grade)


White powder, deliquescence in air, none special odor.


Positive ninhydrin reaction

Total nitrogen

Min 14.5%

Weight Loss on drying

Max 4.0%

Residue on ignition

Max 3.0%

pH value


Average Molecular Weight


Solid Content


Heavy Metal (as Pb)

Max 5.0ppm


Max 1.0ppm


Max 100/g

Coli Group(MPN)

Max 30/100g

Pathogenic Bacteria

No detection


Uses: Skin care and hair care products (Cream, lotion, hair conditioner), health food. 


1. Function of natural moistening, nourishing skin and promoting healing of skin wounds:

Application of skin protecting products enriched with silk peptide on skin can reach the effects of facial beautification and preventing many skin diseases. Clinical trials show that silk peptide have good therapy effects for several dermatosis, such as Skin Cracks, Dermatitis, Pruritus and Chloasma. The experimental results show that silk peptide has no irritability and can accelerate healing of wounds. It can prevent corrosion and damage of dusts, coating, acid and alkaline chemical substances on skin.


2. Very excellent hair-protecting function:

The protection for hair includes absorbability and adsorption, membrane, moisture retention. 

Absorbability and Adsorption:

Compared to other protein hydrolysate peptide (protein collagen, bone glue protein, gelatin proteins, etc), silk peptide is nutrient-rich but can be easily absorbed by hair. Skin and hair absorb silk peptide directly and mainly by infiltration. When silk peptide concentration increases, the hair’s absorption for silk peptide will increase corresponding. For injury hair with greater adsorption capacity for the low molecular weight silk peptides, the corresponding effects for silk peptide on hair restoration and protection will be more obvious.

The silk peptide whose molecular weight ranges between 500 and 2,000, is better at making membrane, the membrane has nice luster, feels well and spring. The method of X-radial experiment showed that the membrane made from silk peptide is β-model crystal, so that the membrane covered on the hair can be hardly washed out. This is the theory of the method how the silk peptide can protect the hair. The membrane not only avoid the damnification by the chemical material, but also can enhance the spring and glare of the hair. The membrane can finalize the shape. Compared to PVP, glue peptide and amylum under 80%RH, the silk peptide is the best in keeping the hairstyle.


Moisture adjusting and keeping:

The hair will be dry,spliting,easy to break and drop if losing some moisture.There are many hydrophilic genes, such as -OH, -COOH, -NH2, >NH, on the surface of the solid construct of its molecule. This structure shows that the silk peptide can allocate wet gene equally, and has good action of keeping hair moist and smooth.


Key Properties:

- Good Moisturizing 

- Promotes skin cell regeneration

- Easily bind with hair surface, Good softness to hair

- Controlling the growing of skin melanin

- Lowers the cholesterol level

- The excellent hair-protection function

- Prevention of diabetes


Recommend dosage: 0.5% - 3%


Packing & storage: 500g/poly bag. 10kg/drum. Kept in cool, dry & no direct light place.


Shelf Life: Two years in unopened container.


Process Flow Chart

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