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W-12A500W 3-in-1 solar inverter with charge controller
W-12A500W 3-in-1 solar inverter with charge controller

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3-in-1 solar inverter (inverter with built in solar controller and battery),combining inverter,controller and battery in 1 cabne

3-in-1 solar inverter (inverter with built in solar controller, battery can be place inside too)


Combining solar controller, inverter and storage battery into one cabinet, this equipment adopts low power LCD to show the battery voltage, charging current from solar module to battery and the inverters output AC voltage. The 3-in-1 equipment features easier operation, more reliable performance and better appearance.  

1.         Battery charging function: In the daytime this equipment can continuously store the energy from the solar panel to the battery and adjust the charging current according to the battery voltage, so as to prolong the battery service life; it also has the float charge function, making battery always in the full state for the backup of emergency. In addition, this equipment prevents the battery reversely charging the solar panel at night. 

2.         Battery low voltage protection: Longtime using the inverter to power the appliance without mains power will make the battery voltage drop greatly, and seriously reduce the batterys service life. This equipment applies protection to the battery when its voltage drops to a state, so as to prevent the over-discharge from damaging the battery.

3.         Over voltage protection: The inverters normal input voltage is 12V; if the input voltage surpasses a certain value, the inverter will apply protection measures to prevent the excessive voltage damaging itself.

4.         Over-load protection: When you plug too many appliances and the total power surpasses the rated value of the inverter, it will stop working in 10 sec and be locked for protection; the indicator light (red) will be on. The inverter will not restore working unless you reduce the load power, turn the switch of inverter to OFF state for more than 10sec and then turn to ON state.

5.         Short circuit protection: When your home appliance occurs short circuit, the inverter will stop working in 1 sec and be locked for protection. The inverter will not restore working unless you remove the shorted home appliance and turn the swith of the inverter to OFF state for more than 10 sec and then turn to ON state.

6.         Temperature protection: When the load is excessive, or due to hot weather and bad ventilation, the internal temperature of the inverter will rise gradually; the inverter will stop working and be locked for protection if the temperature rises to 95°C. You are recommended to reduce the load or improve the ventilation, turn the switch of the inverter into OFF, and turn to ON until the internal temperature drop, the inverter will restore working.

7.         Dysfunction indicating: The protection indicator light will be on once the equipment detected dysfunctions.



1. We can increase the mains power switch function and mains power charge function on customers request.

2. Our quotation does not include battery.



Solar panel input voltage


Solar panel input current


Battery input voltage


Inverter power


Output voltage

AC  230V±5%

Output wave THD

Sine wave≤2%

Efficiencybetween 200W and 400W


Output frequency


Non load loss


Operation temperature

-5 to 50

Overload capability


Output overload protection

Input overload protection

Insulation transformer



Weightwithout 2 X 100AH/12V battery



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