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Inveter welding amchine
Inveter welding amchine

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inveter welding machine:
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1.MF inverter spot welding machine is a advanced welding equipment.it is up to three-phase power via a special inverter rectifying and inverted 1000Hz AC pulse voltage sent to a MF transformer to rectifying provided direct current welding current.

2. Its advanced performance due to its welding transformer frequency from current city power 50/60Hz rised to1000Hz.greatly reducing the energy of core material. Coupled transformer secondary circuit of the rectifiers Diode inverted power into direct current power supply to welding to use.

3.This will greatly improve the secondary loop induction coefficient. which is a major factor causing the loss of energy. in the direct current welding circuit can almost not be considered. from the surface to minimize production costs.

performance characteristics:

1. Save energy: compared it to low frequency. it can reduced power consumption. can be easily and large supporting the use of automatic welding clamp.

2. ormer in half automatic equipment can instead of lots of low frequency frequency. reduce the situation that secondary circuit in parallel.

3. Improve power factors. reduced production costs.

4. Large open area in secondary added circuit can reduced interference. welding current of DC. when the secondary winding have induction magnetic material. it will not influent welding.

5. supplied power equipment loading in balance: MF inverter spot convex welding machine use three-phase Power and can stored energy.

6. Fluctuations on the grid and the pressure drop adaption ability will be more stronger: parts of energy was stored by inverter then supplied to loading. instead the way that direct from grid supplied to loading.

7. More accuracy, fast current control: compared it to low frequency can more and more accurate analyse parameter.

8. Process is more reliable: most of resistence metals use direct current will be have a better effect.

9. Compared MF system to traditional technology. it will be more reliable

Application area: aviation. Cars. Lights. Medical machine. battery. Plug. Wire product process. Electricity, mobile-phone, kitchen tools, handware tools etc. general speaking ,the system of small volume and light weight can accelerate move, shorten the working circle, it’s the best matched program for welding machine/automatic machine , widely apply,the welding transformer have small volume but have large output. Apply in one of the car industrial one system type transformer electrode holder have others advantages

Suitable material: steel, copper, aluminium, nickel, molybdenum , tungaten, manganese, stainless steel such non-ferrous metal and precious metal.

Suitable range: transducer , LED and the other lead wire, copper coil and vamished wire, relay, watch, capacitancor slug and lead wire, copper wire and resistance pin, inductance, battery and brace, electricity plug, sliver contact point and copper, lightning use tungsten material butt welding


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