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LC-W01005 Siloxane Acrylate Exterior Wall Paint
LC-W01005 Siloxane Acrylate Exterior Wall Paint

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vinyl wall paint
1.being bonded with the root
2.good coverage rate
3.fresh colour
4.competitive price


vinyl wall paintLC-W01005 Siloxane Acrylate Exterior Wall Paint

        LC-W01005 Siloxane Acrylate Exterior Wall Paint is a kind of combined high-performance outdoor wall paint, whose base material is Siloxane Acrylate latex. Its principal advantage is outdoor insolation resistant with high luster retention rate, low discoloration/coating surface stained, good permeability, no chalk or peel and non-toxic. It's new type weather extra-resistant and environmental protective exterior wall paint.


[ SCOPE: ]
        Suitable for outside wall of a building, surface of lime or cement mortar, etc.

        1. It is an environmental protective coating.
        2. It is polysiloxane and acrylic acid compound with excellent ability of water proof and air permeability.
        3. It can firmly bond with the root, not easy to chalk or peel.
        4. High performance of coverage rate, crevice hiding & filling ability, and color retention.
        5. Excellent mildew-proof, algae resistant and dust proof ability.
        6. Excellent stain resistance and ageing resistance, durable vivid color.

        Coating Appearance:    Smooth or with slight vein of solid pattern.
        Gloss:    Matte/Silkete.
        Solid Content:    58-62%.
        Reduction Rate:    >0.92.
        Scrub Resistance:    >10000 times.
        Alkali Resistance (48h):    Non Abnormality.
        Water Resistance (96h):    Non Abnormality.
        Ageing Resistance (250h):    Chalking <= 1 grade, Discoloration <= 2 grade.
        Vapor Permeability:    sd<0.10m.
        Water Absorption:    <=0.04kg/m2/h0.5.

        Clean the wall --> Plaster full putty --> Dry & burnish --> Plaster second putty --> Dry & burnish --> Clean soot --> Brush alkali resistant covering base lacquer (one or two times) --> Paint LC-W01005 ( two or three times).

        1. Construction method: Brush, Roller, Spray.
        2. Consumption: 5-6m2/L/2layer. (Ordinary two or three times is needed, paint film is about 30 micrometer, consumption will vary with different construction method, stiff/rough level of the surface and the construction environment.)
        3. Drying time: Surface 30min/25oC.
        4. Repainting time: Above 3h/25oC. (Drying time will vary with the temperature/humidity of the environment.)
        5. Dilution: Dilute with 10-15% of water, construction available after well stirred.
        6. Construction temperature: The temperature of the wall/environment must be above +5oC, relative humidity not higher than 85%.
        7. Storage: Store in cool, dry place, temperature not lower than -18oC.
        8. Expiration Date: 18 months. (The paint can be valid if it's no deviance after tests, even though it's expired.)

        20kg, 18L/barrel.

        1. Please keep well ventilation, keep the paint away from heat and long time sun exposure.
        2. Avoiding skin/eye stains or lacquer fog over-suck, please take suitable protection.
        3. If it stain in the eyes, rinse with plenty water and see the doctor immediately.
        4. Keep it away from the children.

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