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Silicon Polymer Modified Cement-based waterproof coating
Silicon Polymer Modified Cement-based waterproof coating

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non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting,
environmentally friendly product,
a variety of colors to be chosen from,
low temperature


It is made by stirring and compositing the cement-based inorganic powder and the double compositions material acrylic polymer emulsion from the scene / on site. After brushing, the paint film with high elasticity and high compressive strength has been shaped, and has boasted the high elasticity of the organic material and the durability of inorganic material at the same time.


It can be used in new and old buildings and structures, basements, roofing, bridges, reservoirs, ponds, stands, kitchen and exterior waterproofing works.



The product needs to be placed in clean, dry, and airtight plastic barrels or waterproof paper bags. Its transportation should be as per the requirement of non-dangerous goods. And in transportation it should prevent being drenched, insolated, extruded, collided, and inversed.

This product should be stored in well ventilated, dry and cool place, avoiding to be exposed to the sun, and far away from the fire hazard. The storage temperature should not be below 0°C.

According to the product ratio powder and liquid and scope of application, different products can be divided into type 1, 2 3

1,1.0:1.0  suitable for the not long-term immersion environment.

2,1.0:0.5  suitable for the long-term immersion environment.

31.0:0.35  suitable for the long-term immersion environment.

(The above proportioning is standard one, the detailed one will be adjusted as per our company data.)

Main Performances

Performance index




Solid content




Tensile strength(MPa)




Elongation at fracture (%)




Water permeability (0.3MPa,30min)


Flexibility in low temperature(Φ10mm)

No crack even at -10 °C


Construction Application

Substrate requirement:

Substrate should be hard, leveled off, solid, clean, free of sharp horn, free of dust, free of oil stain and free of visible water.


Weigh up a certain amount of powder material and place it into the material mixing bucket, slowly add emulsion material into it proportionally, then stir them slowly, if you feel the mixture is too thick and not fit for construction, a little water may be appropriately added into it, and stir them well before using.

After the substrate is treated well, the first time of paint can be brushed in the substrate, and after the coating is hardened, the first time of paint can be brushed along the intersected direction. If non-woven polyester or glass fiber cloth needs to be overlaid, when the additional layer is attached, the non-woven polyester or glass fiber cloth should be permeated, and make it free of air bubbles.


1.5kg/m2--4.0kg/m2, the maximum thickness of the coating for only one layer security should be not less than 1.5mm.


Don’t construct when the temperature is blow 0°C or above 40°C.

Don’t construct until the substrate is clean, solid and wetted with water, but free of visible water.

Don’t construct in raining and foggy day, and in moist and not well ventilated environment.



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