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ZS1 (KYN28-12) AC Metal clad With drawable Enclosed Switchgear cubicle
ZS1 (KYN28-12) AC Metal clad With drawable Enclosed Switchgear cubicle

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Metal Clad Switchgear (ABB Cooperative Product)
UniGear-ZS1 12/24KV MV Switchgears.


1. General:

.Easy and effective anti-maloperation locking device to avoid false operation;

.Can be equipped with VS1-12(ZN63A), VD4, ZN12, 3AH, VB2 and VEP vacuum circuit breakers, VC7 vacuum contactor, etc.;

.Can be equipped with PT handcart, metering handcart, isolating handcart, fuse handcart, and handcart of the same purpose is interchangeable;

.The cubicle may be mounted against the wall and accessible for maintenance in the front as to save space;

.The circuit breaker compartment and cable compartment may be respectively mounted with heater to avoid condensation and corrosion;

.Spacious cable compartment enables access of several cables;


 2. Technical datas: 

.Standardized by: GB/DIN/IEC

.Rated voltage: 12/24KV

.Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

.Rated main busbar current: 4000A

.Rated short time withstand current: 50KA/3S

.Arc proof withstand current: 40KA/1s  50KA/0.5s

.Lightning impulse withstand current: 125/100KA

.Degree of protection: IP4X, and IP2X for each compartment and when the door of handcart compartment is open.




 3. Features:

1) The switchgear has withdrawble and fixed type with or without partition. A column may contain 40 modules, each 50mm high. Main busbars for drawer column: single taking 6 modules, double taking 10 modules; main busbars for other columns: single taking 4 modules and double taking 8 modules, rest for mounting modules occupied by functional units.

2) A modular multi-function range:

a) distribution switchboards (D type);

b) power factor correction column (Dc type);

c) fixed-type motor-control centers (Mf type);

d) withdrawble-type motor-control centers (Mw type);

e) variable-speed drivers and starters column (Ms type);

f) cubicles (C type)

3) The switchgear is combined by basic frames and extensions. The basic frame of a Blokset switchboard column is an assembly of prefabricated elements. These elements are variable in a number of sizes and may be assembled to form columns with different volumes. Switchboards of various depths and widths can be built by combining basic frames and extensions.

3 depths and 6 widths

The Blokset range may be used to build switchboards of various depths and widths by combining basic frames and extensions.

Basic frames are available in three depths:

400mm, 600mm, 1000mm, formed by combining two frames, one 400mm and the other 600mm deep

Basic frames are available in six widths:

500m (Mw type), 700mm, 900mm (Mw type), 1200mm (for Masterpact MT40b/50/63)

The width of a 700mm column may be increased by adding one or two extensions (200mm or 400mm).

4) The switchboard may be divided into four zones as busbars, switchgear components, cable connections and auxiliaries by metal plates grounded with separation forms of 1, 2b, 3b, 4a and 4b for option.

5) Mounting of switchgear components: fixed, plug-in and withdrawable

Height of drawer in functional units available with 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 750mm. Switchgear components making up the switchboard are installed in drawers to ensure rapid and dependable maintenance and servicing.

The plug-in switchgear and other components may be installed in one fixed partition unit and different heights of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm for option subject to their size. The different zones are completely separate with high degree of safety and reliability.

4. Dimensions:


 H(mm): 2200

 W(mm): 650/800/1000

 D(mm): 1340//1840


4. Service conditions

Room environment: -5~+40, no higher than +35 for daily average

Altitude: not exceeding 2000m

Relative humidity: no more than 50% at +40, lower temperatures allowing greater relative humidity (it may reach 90% when the temperature is 20).

Earthquake intensity: not exceeding 7 Richter scale

Protection degree: IP30, IP43, IP54

Ratings (single level)  
 Rated voltage (kV) 7.2-24
 Rated main busbar current (A) 1250-4000
 Rated short time current 3s (kA) 16-50
Ratings (double level) 7.2-17.5
 Rated voltage (kV) 7.2-17.5
 Rated main busbar current (A) 1250-1600
 Rated short time current 3s (kA) 16-50
Ratings (double busbars) 
 Rated voltage (kV) 12-24
 Rated main busbar current (A) 1250-4000
 Rated short time current 3s (kA) 16-31.5

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