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Lyophilized Royal Jelly
Lyophilized Royal Jelly

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Lyophilized Royal Jelly, Royal Jelly Powder
Specification: 10-HDA 5.0%, 6.0%
Packing: 20kgs/carton

Lyophilized Royal Jelly


Product Name

Nonsuch Fresh Royal Jelly

What is Royal jelly?

Royal Jelly is also called Bee Milk. The fresh royal jelly is slightly ropy milk paste substance; it is the excretive mixture of nutrition gland and maxilla gland of the head of little worker bee. The worker bees use this to feed the 1-3 days’ worker bee larva and drone larva, 1-5.5 days’ queen bee larva and queen bee in the oviposition period. The royal jelly is the biologic product containing very complicated active elements which contains almost all the nutrition elements required by the growth of the human body.


1).regulate immune, sterilizing, anti-cancer
2).10-HAD: 1.8-2.2
3).Moisture< 63%
4).Protein : 11%-16%

6).Total sugar:9%-13%                                                                                        

7).Sucrose :<4.5%


Protein,carbohydrate,nucleic acids,enzymes,amino acids,vitamins,inorganic,etc

Functions and health care

1)Enhance the immune power
2)Cancer prevention and anticancer
4)Strengthen the brain and promote mentality
5)Promote growth and development
6)Antisepsis and treat inflammation
7)Protection livers
8)Strengthen sexual function
9)Beautifying&moisturizing skin                                                                             

10)Royal jelly also has the effects of anti-radiation,improving tissue  regeneration,enhancing hematopoietic function,regulating blood pressure,To prevent arteriosclerosis,sobering up,etc.


Stored in Refrigeratory


1).1kg/aluminum vacuum bag,20kgs/carton
2). Bulking, 20kgs/carton.

Payment Terms

T/T in advance

Delivery time

2 weeks


Lyophilized Royal Jelly is produced by treating the high quality fresh royal jelly using advanced vacuum freezing drying technology. It is milky white or yellow powder. It tastes sour, bitter, spicy, and slightly sweet. The purity is 100% containing no additive components. This process technique ensures the biology activity and nutrition components of the fresh royal jelly. It is easy to be stored and packed. 


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