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solar battery charger
solar battery charger

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solar battery charger,CBP-06/10/20 can transform the AC230V power into DC and charge battery


The battery charger CBP-06/10/20 can transform the AC230V power into DC power and fast charge the 12 battery.

 CBP-06/10/20 charger adopts the most advanced electronic circuits, which the thermal value is much less than the general rectifier circuit, and also the rectification efficiency is much higher than others.

 CBP-06/10/20 battery charger employs the PWM adjustment technology, to float charge the batteries which is approaching the voltage limitation. It keeps the battery in full charge state, no worry about the battery damaged for overcharging even long time charging.

Charge operation:

1. Turn the switch on-off of power to the OFF

2. Take the RED clip on the positive pole + stable, and take the BLACK clip on negative pole - stable.(must be correctly connection)

3. Insert the AC plug of the charger into the electrical outlet of 220V AC electrical source.

4. Turn the switch on-off of power to the ON, the charge is started.


1. One piece of green charge indicator (CHARGE) light. Indicate charge state: When the CHARGE bright, that means the battery is charged strongly, flickeringly means floating charge, no light means charge stopped.

2. One piece of RED protection indicator (PROTECTION) light, Indicate the malfunction: When the PROTECTION is bright, that means the fuse destroyed, we need to change the fuse.

3. In the respect of two types of CBP-06/10 three pieces of red battery indicator (BATTERY LEVEL) lights, indicate the voltage height of the battery. In the respect of CBP-20 one piece of voltage meter indicate the voltage height of battery.

4. One piece of ampere meter, used for indicates the current. 

Stop charge:

When the CHARGE start flickering, that means the charge basically finished. We can stop charge; But it is better to charge the battery continual 3 hours more, so that the battery will be much full.

The sequence of stop charge: Turn off the power switch, lift the AC electrical energy plug, then move the slip which on the battery.

Function of Protection:

 CBP-06/10/20 battery charger has Short Circuit ProtectionOverload Protection Reverse Connection Protection. When the protection worked, the fuse will destroy itself, at the same time the charge stopped. PROTECTION indicator light gets light.

2. If you want to change the safety pipe, please make sure the AC plug has been cut and the slip of the battery has been moved. 

Attention Items:

1. Before connection, please check and confirm the rated voltage of the batteries. The rated power of the battery must be 12V, or it will destroy the charger.

2. Although there are so many protections on the battery charger, we have to avoid short circuitoverloadand reverse connection happened.

3. The fuse must be changed by same rated current one, and it can not be increased discretionarily.


Technical Data:





Rated Voltage of the Battery


Fit capacity of battery




Input Voltage

AC 195245V

Input Power




Voltage of Charge


 Current of Charge







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