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Manganese Sulphate
Manganese Sulphate

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Manganese Sulphate
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Product: Manganese Sulphate

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Manganese(II) sulfate usually refers to the inorganic compound with the formula MnSO4(H2O). This pale pink deliquescent solid is a commercially significant manganese(II) salt. Approximately 260 thousand tonnes of manganese(II) sulfate were produced worldwide in 2005.[1] It is the precursor to manganese metal and many other chemical compounds. Mn-deficient soil is remediated with this salt.


Manganese(II) sulfateIdentifiersPropertiesStructureHazardsRelated compounds

IUPAC name[hide]Manganese(II) sulfate
CAS number7785-87-7 Y,
10034-96-5 (monohydrate)
10101-68-5 (tetrahydrate)
ChemSpider22984 Y
EC number232-089-9
RTECS numberOP1050000 (anhydrous)
OP0893500 (tetrahydrate)
Jmol-3D imagesImage 1
[show]InChI=1S/Mn.H2O4S/c;1-5(2,3)4/h;(H2,1,2,3,4)/q+2;/p-2 Y
Key: SQQMAOCOWKFBNP-UHFFFAOYSA-L Y InChI=1/Mn.H2O4S/c;1-5(2,3)4/h;(H2,1,2,3,4)/q+2;/p-2
Molecular formulaMnSO4
Molar mass151.001 g/mol (anhydrous)
169.02 g/mol (monohydrate)
223.07 g/mol (tetrahydrate)
Appearancepale pink crystalline solid (tetrahydrate)
Density3.25 g/cm 3 (anhydrous)
2.95 g/cm3 (monohydrate)
2.107 g/cm3 (tetrahydrate)
Melting point

710 °C (anhydrous)
27 °C (tetrahydrate)

Boiling point

850 °C (anhydrous)

Solubility in water393 g/L (24 °C)
262 g/L (100 °C)
Crystal structureorthogonal (anhydrous)
monoclinic (monohydrate)
monoclinic (tetrahydrate)
EU Index025-003-00-4
EU classificationHarmful (Xn)
Dangerous for the environment (N)
R-phrasesR48/20/22, R51/53
S-phrases(S2), S22, S61
NFPA 704011
Other cationsChromium(III) sulfate
Iron(II) sulfate

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